RELEASED: febbraio 1, 2015
ARTIST: Luca Stricagnoli
LABEL: Candyrat Records
PRODUCER: Stefano Barone
Luca Stricagnoli

A real record, don’t give it for granted […] Luca’s great work is perfectly balanced thus showing his inner maturity and tranquillity despite his young age. Eight arrangements and 2 original songs sewed together in a great final product. […] No tricks, no snake oil, no showing off. If you are thinking of buying an acoustic guitar CD you will have a great one to display with all your other favourites. If you are searching for music you will have perfect notes to travel with.”


Guitars by: Serracini Guitars
Artistic Producer: Stefano Barone
Recorded and pre-mixed by Stefano Barone
Mixed and mastered by: Eugenio Vatta
Produced by: Stefano Barone and Candyrat Records
Graphic design by: Vaps Graphics
Translations by: Johnny Lombardo

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